Making sense of sobriety

In a world that loves to drink…

Are you tired of the alcohol rollercoaster? Do you wish your relationship with alcohol was different? Soberish provides the resources, stories, and community support to make it happen.

What is Soberish?

Soberish is a website and community dedicated to helping people who struggle with drinking finally quit for good. It started as a personal blog in 2016 and has since grown into a resource hub and a growing community traveling the same path.

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Hi! I’m Alicia, the founder of Soberish.

I tried (and failed) for years to quit drinking. When I started Soberish, I was so unsure I could actually quit, that I tacked that little -ish on the end.

Thankfully, that all changed on December 19, 2016.

What began as a personal accountability tool has turned into a life-changing project to help and connect with people who want to ditch alcohol for good.

If you’re curious about quitting, ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you tell yourself you’ll drink less but can’t make it stick?
  • Do you often “overdo it” and wake up the next day with regret and shame?
  • Have you tried setting rules for yourself around drinking that you often break?
  • Do you suspect that alcohol is making your mood and mental health worse?
  • Do you ever secretly feel like alcohol is damaging your quality of life?

Take the First Step

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Assess Your Drinking Habits

If you’re curious about your current drinking habits, the following quiz can help you see if you’re at high, medium, or low risk of alcohol dependence.

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Explore The Sobriety Roadmap

The Sobriety Roadmap is a collection of articles and resources to help you navigate every part of the sobriety process. It’s born of 7+ years of sobriety, research, and hard lessons learned.