Welcome to Soberish!

Whether you’re new to sobriety or have been on this path for a while, the goal of Soberish is to meet you where you’re at and provide you with tools to get where you’re trying to be.

About Soberish

My name is Alicia and I created Soberish back in 2016 as an accountability tool and creative project to journal and capture the process of quitting alcohol. I’d failed so many times before and thought this could help – a way to put myself out there and find a community that understood the challenges I was experiencing. You can read more about my journey here.

Now, seven years later, I try to provide that same kind of space for others who are starting on their journey to sobriety.

So why the -ish?

At the time this website was built, I was very much in the -ish. I had quit drinking but already experienced a few slip-ups in the months prior. I didn’t feel fully sober. I was still very much struggling to get there.

If you’re here, looking for a place to learn about alcohol and how to quit, you’ve come to the right spot.

In addition to sobriety and alcohol-related content, you’ll find information about mental health, relationships, how we can connect to others in healthier ways, and treat our brains and bodies better.

Get Sober

Find resources and support to help you take that first step toward sobriety, plus a realistic glimpse of what you can expect.

Stay Sober

Whether you’ve been sober a few weeks or a few years, these resources will help you maintain your sobriety long-term.

Alcohol Facts

Find a wide range of information about alcohol, drinking, and the effects it has on your physical and emotional health.


Mental Health

Problematic drinking rarely exists in a vacuum, which is why it’s important to talk about mental health. Explore various mental health and psychology topics, such as co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression, therapy, relationships, and psychology.

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The quality of our relationships with people is an important factor in our continued sobriety. Some of the dysfunction within these same relationships may have contributed to our drinking. We’ll explore all of it.

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