About Alicia

Welcome! My name is Alicia and I’m the creator of Soberish.

On December 19, 2016, I decided to give sobriety another go. I’d tried several times in the past to quit drinking and smoking but always went back. Each relapse would be worse than the last.

That all changed in December 2016. My sobriety continues and I can honestly say that I’m not the same person I was back then. At first, this site started off as a way for me to get through the ups and downs of early sobriety. I was so unsure I would be successful that I named my site Sober(ish).

Now, this site is dedicated to helping others like me who need resources and tools to turn things around, as well as a community of people who know what they’re going through.

I focus primarily on sobriety, but since addiction or self-medicating with alcohol is never just about the substance, I explore some of the underlying issues caused by lifestyle, mental health, and mindset that drive us to drink and engage in unhealthy habits.

If you’re reading this and thinking there’s just no way you can do it, I completely understand. I felt that way for over six years (probably longer). But you can. And I’m rooting for you.