1. Introduction

Soberish is committed to providing reliable, well-researched, and valuable information on topics related to sobriety, addiction recovery, and overall wellness. Our aim is to offer support and guidance to individuals seeking a healthier, alcohol-free lifestyle.

2. Principles

2.1 Accuracy: Our content is meticulously researched to ensure accuracy, balance, and clarity. We rely on scientific evidence, expert opinions, and real-life experiences. Any conjecture or opinion will be clearly identified as such.

2.2 Accountability: Soberish values its readers’ trust and is committed to accountability. We welcome feedback, admit mistakes openly, and strive for continuous improvement. Our editorial processes are transparent and open to scrutiny.

2.3 Serving the Public: Our priority is our readers’ interests and well-being. We consult with healthcare professionals, recovery experts, and support groups, ensuring our content is relevant and beneficial.

2.4 Taste and Decency: Content on Soberish will always be appropriate for a general audience, avoiding anything deemed offensive or insensitive.

2.5 Privacy: We uphold strict privacy standards. Personal information, including correspondence, will not be disclosed without explicit consent, except as required by law or if it’s in the public interest.

3. Standards

Our team, including editors and contributors, adhere to strict standards of impartiality and transparency. Conflicts of interest must be disclosed, and we avoid preferential treatment towards any external entity. Complaints or conflicts of interest are investigated thoroughly.

5. Editorial Process

5.1 Phase 1: Research: Our content is informed by the latest research, expert insights, and real-life experiences. We consult with professionals, support groups, and individuals directly impacted by addiction and recovery. We also review the latest mental health research and trends and work with writers who have an educational and/or professional background in mental health.

5.2 Phase 2: Production: Content undergoes rigorous editing for accuracy, balance, and readability. It is reviewed for factual correctness, spelling, grammar, and adherence to our style guide.

5.3 Phase 3: Policy Sign-off: All policies are reviewed and approved by the founder before publication.

5.4 Phase 4: Review of Content: Content is regularly reviewed and updated. User feedback is taken into account, with immediate amendments made if necessary.

6. Appeals Procedure

Complaints not resolved at the editorial level can be escalated to the founder for review and resolution.