Meet the Soberish Team

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Alicia Gilbert

Alicia is the founder of Soberish. She created the site in 2016 at the beginning of her sobriety journey as an accountability tool. Now, she uses the platform to help others quit drinking and improve both their mental and physical health to stay sober for good. She’s been sober since December 19, 2016.

Thomas Rounds

Thomas is a writer, addict, and psych nerd. He’s been sober since 4/11/2015. Thomas uses words, research, and lived experience to help unravel the complexities of addiction and help other people achieve recovery.

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Belinda Anderson

Belinda Anderson is a writer and editor for various publications across the globe. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, she graduated with Honours in Psychology and Social Work while serving her community as a social worker, raising her son, and running a business. She specialised in the safe care of abandoned and traumatised children, and spent fifteen years developing therapeutic programmes to mitigate the psychological effects of such trauma.